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Precious Little Girls

Precious Little Girls

In Chandraprakash Dwivedi's cinematic adaptation of Amrita Pritam's novel Pinjar, the three daughters of an affluent Amritsar-based zamindar jump in joy, hugging each other when their middle-aged mother delivers a baby boy. Soon after, the eldest daughter is abducted by a Muslim youth but she manages to escape and return to her parents. "Go away, die or disappear. You are a daughter - how can we take back a kidnapped, humiliated girl? You should have died before birth," laments her parents. That was pre-Partition India. When girls were considered "burdens" and parents killed or abandoned their newborn girls. Half a century later, modern urban India - which should have provided the blueprint for a completely new order of cultural thought and practice - still clings to the same beliefs. It kills girl children before they are born.

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Since 1985 , World Outreach Ministries has been involved in the task of rescuing needy children from sin, darkness, poverty, abuse, discrimination, and illiteracy and raising them up as an army of missionaries to take the Gospel to the 1.2 billion people of India. The vision is to take in thousands of destitute children in India, raising them in a loving, Christian environment, introducing them to Jesus and training them as disciples of Christ full of God's Word. Also, to give each child a quality education, breaking the cycle of illiteracy and equipping them to take the Gospel all over India.

World Outreach Ministries presently cares for nearly 400 girls at our House of Refuge Home for Girls I and II (Orissa, India). In April 2004, all 14 boys at our Shekinah Home for Boys (Madras, India) reached adulthood and have graduated from the Home and are serving God. We gave up the rented home where we were housing the boys. Since then, the leading of God has been to concentrate all of our efforts on expanding our work with the girls in Orissa.

ABC NEWS - UNICEF: Millions of Children Still Hungry

Developing World's Children Undernourished Despite International Efforts . . . By NICK WATT

May 2 , 2006- Despite several high-profile international initiatives, the number of children in the developing world who go hungry has barely fallen in the past years, the children's advocacy group UNICEF said today. More than a quarter of the children in the developing world are still critically undernourished,
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Orissa, IndiaSince Orissa is the most impoverished state in India, since girls are at the bottom of society and are often discriminated against, since 89% of the female population of Orissa is illiterate, since 57% of the population in Orisa lives on 25 cents per day, since lthousands of children die each day in the villages of India due to malnutrition or no medical care, and since the need is so great to raise up future missionaries to reach the 635,000 (of a total 700,000) unreached villages of India that have never heard the Gospel even once, we are concentrating our efforts now on the girls of Orissa.

Indian Outreach We formed a Society in India with a 9 member board (7 Indians with Mark & Colleen) called Indian Outreach. This is the extension of World Outreach Ministries in the USA. The land and the beautiful 3 story House of Refuge Home for Girls has been completely paid for and is debt free. All the property is registered with the Indian government in the name of Indian Outreach. Each child is provided with a comfortable and safe home to live in, nourishing food, clothing and school uniforms, quality education (breaking the cycle of illiteracy) and medical attention. But best of all, a loving environment where the child is introduced to Jesus and given solid Christian training. These children are being prepared as part of God's end time army to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the millions of unreached people of India. The rescue and redemption of these children will be part of reaching multitudes of souls in India for Christ.



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